judo gi TONBO - STANDARD, blue, 580g/m2

Manufacturer: TONBO
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  • embroidery
177.00 pln

Judo gi standard is made of 3 different fabrics:

  • upper part of the jacket is made of cotton of density 580g/m2 with plait pattern
  • lower part of the jacket is made of cotton with diamond pattern
  • pants and jacket's finishing are made of plain cotton of density 280g/m2

This suit is intended for both beginners and advanced people, it is generally used in judo, jujitsu, bjj and aikido. It is made on the basis of traditional cut, tended for both men and women.

This product is distinguished by such constituents and sewing technics as:

  • covered twice-quilted french seam
  • additional clothing layer near shoulders, chest and underarms
  • several times-quilted collar
  • additional clothing layer near knees
  • traditional way of tying up the trousers using straps
  • insertion near crotch to improve comfort

Photos present all the details.

Upper part of the jacket is made of one piece of cloth, to avoid vertical seam near the backbone, what comforts wearing this gi even more, especially while performing ukemi.

The suit does not include a belt.


please read:

size height [cm] a [cm] b [cm] c [cm] d [cm] e [cm]
160 155-165 150 78 51 54 98
170 165-175 160 82 58 57 106
180 175-185 170 88 66 60 110
190 185-195 178 92 70 63 117
*sizes are given with approximaty of +/- 1-2cm because of technological shrinkage; the sizes will become about 5% smaller after the first laundry