aikido gi TONBO - BAMBOO-LIGHT, white, 420g/m2 - Women's

Manufacturer: TONBO
5-7 working days
  • size
  • embroidery
119.00 pln

Aikido gi Bamboo-LIGHT is made of two different cloths:

  • torso and sleeves are made of 100% plain cotton of density 420g/m2
  • collar, finishing of the side flies and finishing on the inside of the sleeves are made of 100% plain cotton

Design of this aikido gi is a mixture of traditional judo gi and kendo gi. Its tails overlap askew and both front and the back are made from one piece of cloth, the result is look of a judo gi but with seamless back and front tails. It is much more comfortable while falling. Gi is also equipped with inside and outside hip-straps to keep the front tails shut what improves the attire's aesthetics. Close-fitting cut of aikido gi, tighter torso, tighter sleeves and different way of sewing in the sleeves - all enhance keeping the gi in its desired position.

The difference between judo and aikido results in differences between judo gi and aikido gi. To improve comfort we do not strengthen parts such as shoulders, chest or underarms in aikido gi - it would be unpractical and made gi heavier. The plaiting itself is a cloth strong enough to sustain heavy aikido trainings. Tonbo aikido gi is being stitched with the same core threads, characteristic of their high resistance to tearing, as all of the Tonbo hakamas.

We produce aikido gi Bamboo-LIGHT in 4 different sizes for woman (detailed size description is placed in the table underneath). Gi for woman has tighter torso and sleeves. One of the pictures illustrates the differences between woman's and man's cut (blue line represents gi for women, white line represents gi for man).

Keikogi is being sold without trousers, which you can find here: "trousers".

please read:

size height [cm] a [cm] b [cm] c [cm] d [cm]
w - 160 155-165 148 78 55 (51)** 18
w - 170 165-175 157 83 58 (54)** 19
w - 180 175-185 166 88 61 (57)** 20
w - 190 185-195 175 93 64 (60)** 21
*measurements are given with approximaty of +/- 1-2cm because of technological shrinkage; the sizes will become about 5% smaller after the first laundry
**the sizes in brackets relate to keikogis waistline