women's BJJ / ju-jitsu gi VALKYRIE, white, 420gsm / 12oz

Manufacturer: TONBO
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199.00 pln

VALKYRIE - supernatural being female, powerful warriors taking part in battles, recognized as deities with demonic character.

That is why we gave such name to the first women's BJJ gi of TONBO, designed for all female warriors training and fighting in competitions.

White gi finished with red elements and red/black embroideries presenting Valkyrie wings on jacket's back and trousers leg and Tonbo symbols.
Valkyrie gi is tailored to body shape of women, leaner than a male one. It has narrower sleeves, a smaller jacket girth, narrower notch on neck, smalle girth in waist and hips and narrower pants leg. Additionally pants are slightly longer than men for the same size.

Jacket made with lightweight fabric (rice weave) with a weight of 420gsm, while the pants of material with twill weave and weight of 12oz; both materials are 100% cotton, undergo a process of pre-shrinking; the same fabric as for pants we used to finishing the collar and to strengthen the front trousers, extending from mid-thigh to the bottom of the leg; for securing slits in jacket and pants and on yoke we used strong canvas fabric; we stitched together individual parts of the suit using french seam, quilted triple times; we used durable and abrasion-resistant core thread to perform all the stitching; the design and the production major goal was to create a gi in which all Ladies will fill comfortable and attractive.

The set does not contain a belt.

please read:

rozmiar wzrost A B C D E F G
F1 155-160  153 67 50 14 49 94 19
F2 160-165  158  69  52  14.5  51  96 19
F3 165-170  163  71  54  15  53  98 20
F4 170-175  168  73  56  15.5  55  100 20
F5 175-180  173  75  58  16  57  102 21
F6 180-185  178  77  60  16.5  59  104 21

*measurements are given with approximaty of +/- 1-2cm because of technological shrinkage; the sizes will become about 5-6% smaller after the first laundry