bokken PREMIUM, white oak, 101.5cm

  • €58.37 €55.58

Bokken Premium White Oak

Bokken is produced in and imported directly from Japan.

This high quality Japanese weapon is made from one piece of seasoned white oak wood (shiro kasha). Its natural structure are dark, tiny, oblong rings (density depends on the part of tree which the piece of wood was taken from). White oak is known for its toughness as well as flexibility. If seasoned correctly, environmental impact to deformations is marginal. Weapon made of of this type of wood is completely suitable for full contact training. Accordingly to the traditional art, it is not covered with any type of lacquer, paint or mordant - this causes it to darken naturally, with no effect to its durability.

length: 101,5cm
weight: 0,60kg

Bokken is being sold without tsuba and dome, those you can find here »


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