rashguard, long sleeve, white

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Our rashguard is made of a noteworthy fabric - a mixture of spandex and polyester, which makes it highly flexible. Rushguard is close-fitting and greatly adapts to different shapes of body, allowing to emphasize ripped muscles. We call it "Second Skin". This fabric has impressive cooling features, it drains sweat and moisture off of the skin outside the rashguard, leaving the body dry and fresh.

Rushguard's structure is designed to maximize comfort during movement. Shoulder seam, side seam, and sleeve seam, which run along the arm, all have been repositioned to either front or back. As a result trapezius muscle is not being repressed by the shoulder seam while wearing rushguard as an under-layer to, e.g. karate suit. While the side seam and the sleeve seam do not rub each other during repetitive arms movement, e.g. while running.

We were minimalists while designing that rush guard - smooth uniform color and two simple logos - one on the left chest and one on the back, few inches under the collar.

circumference S M L XL
chest 85-95 96-105 106-115 116-125
waist 65-75 76-85 86-95 96-105