Jiu-jitsu PREMIUM black belt with red panel

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You've been working hard and constantly for years to get the black master belt. Therefore, it is worth not only to have got high quality belt, with a perfect length, but also personalized in a way that matches your personality. This belt will stay with you for years.

The PREMIUM TONBO belt is trimmed with high-quality cotton fabric with a fine weave that gives the smoothness and elegance. The belt is stitched 16 times, resistant to tearing and rubbing with the core threads. Thanks to this, it achieves high strength and minimizes its deformation in the binding place. At one end, a red panel is sewn for stripes.



The width of the belt is about 4.8 cm, and the thickness is about 0.5 cm. Thanks to multiple stitching, despite its massiveness, the belt remains soft and easy to tie.

Embroidery 1 and 2 are made on the trimming fabric before sewing the belt on one side. The other side remains black. We do not embroider on already stitched belt, because the underside of the embroidery is very unsightly. The stripes are embroidered on both sides of the panel, and the panel is sewn onto a previously sewn belt. When promoting for the next level, you can replace only the panel.

We translate names into Japanese only in the Katakana alphabet. A single strip has a dimension of 0.8 x 4.5cm. The distance between the strips is 3mm.

The basic price of the belt does not include any embroidery (except the embroidered TONBO logo). The embroidery on the photo "Jiu-jitsu kanji" is just an example. From the available options you can choose which embroidery you want, what color and where it should be placed. We present the locations in the graphic above. If you choose your own embroidery 1 and 2, do not forget to describe them properly (using the terms: embroidery 1, embroidery 2) this way they are placed at the appropriate ends of the belt. Please remember, the maximum size of embroidery cannot exceed 4x14cm.

If there is not what you need, write to us at contact@tonbo.eu.