jo PREMIUM, red oak, 24mm x 135cm

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  • Manufacturer: made in Japan
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  • €51.25

This jo is designed for tall people with long arm span. It is produced in and imported directly from Japan.

This high quality Japanese weapon is made from one piece of seasoned red oak wood (aka kasha). Darker spots visible on the wood surface called grains are a natural structure of this material. They are sparser but longer than the ones found on weapons made from white oak. Jo made from red oak wood is a good alternative to more expensive jos made from white oak, for all the people who want weapon made by Japanese specialists. Accordingly to the traditional art, it is not covered with any type of lacquer, paint or mordant - this causes it to darken naturally, without any effect to its durability.

length: 135cm
diameter: 24mm
weight: 0,65-0,70kg (slightly lighter than white oak weapon)

Suitable for full contact training.


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