karate gi white 12oz - DEFECT

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  • Manufacturer: TONBO
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End of the series in sell-out due to blemish and dirt; neither blemish nor dirt can affect a gi functionality only look.

Karate gi 12oz is made of cotton of density 340g/m2 with canvas pattern.

Both pants and jacket are made of the same fabric. Whole suit is made on the basis of a traditional universal cut. All of the linkages are performed with twice-quilted french seam. Jacket is equipped with inside and outside straps to prevent the front tails from flapping around. Traditional way of tying up the pants - using straps.

Photos present all the details.

The suit does not include a belt.

please read:


size height [cm] a [cm] b [cm] c [cm] d [cm] e [cm]
160 155-165 150 78 54 52 95
170 165-175 162 82 63 54 101
180 175-185 170 85 65 56 106
190 185-195 177 91 78 58 111

*sizes are given with approximaty of +/- 1-2cm because of technological shrinkage; the sizes will become about 5% smaller after the first laundry

a mixture of rayon and polyester makes the cloth look elegant, hakama stays perfectly arranged and its pleats do not smooth out for much longer time, it is also easy in care and laundry, cloth is a little heavier and stiffer than the one made of mix of cotton and rayon, hakama standard rayon-poly is intended for people who look for good looking and comfortable hakama;


hakama is made on the basis of a traditional cut with 5 pleats on the front and 2 pleats on the back, straps are quilted 7-8 times to preserve them from stretching and deforming, side fly is strengthened  to preserve it from tearing, in the aikido version koshita is stiffened with a flexible and soft pad, safe while falling, in the kendo/iaido version the pad is stiff and light, its got belt loops on its inside to improve keeping hakama in its desired position, they are also helpful with drying;


we offer our hakamas in several universal sizes with division for man and women (detailed size description is placed in the tables underneath); while man and women both are the same height their hakamas differ, a hakama for women is longer and tighter; women tie up their hakamas on their waist inversely to man who wear their hakamas down on the hips; hakama for women has got a tighter koshita, fitted to slimmer women's body and a tighter front; it has also got shorter straps; women's cut also includes larger difference of circumferences of waist and hips; even though, if you worry about buying hakama that won't suit you, we also make hakamas in individual sizes; they are more expensive but they will surely fit you perfectly; If you decide buying a hakama in an individual size remember to choose size "individual" while adding product to your basket and later on give us the information such as circumferences of your waist and hips and length of hakama, description about how to measure your body is on this page: "how to measure your body"