MMA leather gloves TONBO-IKUSA

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  • Manufacturer: TONBO
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  • €19.75 €16.25

Ikusa in Japanese means 'fight'.

Grappling gloves TONBO - IKUSA are intended for both beginners and advanced fighters. They are characterized with uncovered thumb and one piece foam-filled rubber "eva foam" sewn into the gloves, running from fingertips to to the middle of hand. The foam's structure is multi-layered with a large bulge on knuckles which provides a good cushion for the striking hand.

Glove's fastening is based on two separate velcro strips to stiffen user's wrist far better than casual single-velcro solution, found in most of gloves on the market. The wider velcro strip is the primary fastening, while the narrower one, additionally to extending primary fastening, also pulls glove's thumb part to ease closing hand into a fist.

Both index finger and middle finger guards are of the same length. This solution provides much better protection for the finger's knuckles - after closing the hand into a fist they are basically in the same position, even though fingers are of a different length. Anyone who damaged his knuckles during focus pads punching will appreciate this element.

The entire glove is finished with a matte, high-grade cow leather with interesting rough texture and of basis weight of 6oz.


hand circuit [cm] 18-19 20-22 23-24 25-27