ju-jitsu trousers TONBO - MASTER, white, 12oz - DEFECT

Manufacturer: TONBO
  • size
  • embroidery

End of the series in sell-out due to blemish and dirt; neither blemish nor dirt can affect a gi functionality only look.

Ju-jitsu / BJJ jacket and pants wear out at different pace. That's why TONBO decided to launch into offer pants alone, to give ju-jitsu / BJJ adepts a possibility to complete their kimono without spending money on a whole set.

Pants are made of white bleached, 12oz weight cotton. They are based on a classic cut, with reinforcement at front part of pant legs, going from the bottom till middle of thigh.They also include crotch insertion. All seams are stitched 3 times to increase their strength (in opposite to twice as most of the pants on the market).

Manufactured with durable threads and sellected high quality and tight woven fabric, to fully satisfy the most choosy clients.

please read:

how to launder keiko gi made of cotton?




rozmiar wzrost [cm] d [cm] e [cm] f [cm]
a1 - 160 155-165 55 85 23
a2 - 170 165-175 57 92 24
a3 - 180 175-185 58 100 25
a4 - 190 185-195 60 104 26
a5 - 200 195-205 61 108 26
*sizes are given with approximaty of +/- 1-2cm because of technological shrinkage; the sizes will become about 5% smaller after the first laundry