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The proposal of sewing kimonos for club is directed to coaches, trainers, teachers who run their own clubs and are interested in increasing recognition and highlighted of their student at public events, such as: competitions, seminars, demonstrations, camps, and other.
1. If you are interested in sewing kimonos dedicated to the club/dojo, please send us logo which will be embroidered on kimono to this e-mail address, with details of the size and where it should be placed. Send us also other graphic elements which you would like to make on jacket and pants (other logos, the motto of the club, etc).
2. Choose fabrics which you want jacket and trousers to be made. Currently available:
1 - fabric for trousers, 100% cotton, canvas weave, 14oz, 3 colors: black, white, royal blue;
2 - fabric for jackets, 100% cotton, rice weave, two weights available: 420g/m2 i 580g/m2, 3 colors: black,
     wite, royal blue;
3 - fabric for trousers, 100% cotton, ripstop weave, 7oz, 3 colors: black, white, royal blue;
4 - fabric for trousers, 100% cotton, twill weave, 10oz, only white available
3. Choose the color of the thread. We keep on stock:
If you would like a different color threads than showed above, we will ask you to prepay for their purchase. After making the first order the threads are only for your service.
4. Choose the color of string to trousers. We keep on stock:

We suggest you choose one of them, because the production of string for small orders is very expensive because of the minimum required by the manufacturer.
If you want the pants have been finished in a traditional way, instead of stringing prepare strap.

5. Trimming for jacket and trousers finishing this is the next element you have to choose. Below there is the picutre with colors we keep on stock:
6. It is popular to finish jackets and trousers with branded tapes (particularly in BJJ). If you want you can choose one of ours:
If you do not want a tape, jacket and pants will be finished in the usual way, by curl. If, however, you want to have a dedicated tape, please send us detail what information you want to have got on, to let us to prepare the graphic design for your aproval. The cost of production of the tapes is entirely on your side, and tapes are your property.
7. Knowing all your needs we preapare a quotation.
8. After agreeing on the price and having all the details of your kimono we preapare a visualize for approval.
9. First order can not be less than 5 sets (any size). Every next order quantity is minimum 3 sets (any size).
10. The production starts after receiving of your payment. Delivery time depends on an order quantity, and will let you know before we start production.
11. Order shipment